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TheArtOfBlowjob 14 07 25 Redhead Blowjob And Facial Cumshot TheArtOfBlowjob 14 07 25 Redhead Blowjob And Facial CumshotDoesn’t she look sexy all dolled up like that? It’s lovely to see a beautiful redhead wearing a sexy dress, red lipstick and a stunning smile. It seems like she’s always smiling… She’s just radiant. When she zeroes in on your cock, it’s always with the express purpose of giving pleasure. You know that this blowjob will take your breath away. This gorgeous redhead knows what she’s doing with your cock. There are times where you envision your orgasm before the blowob even begins. Her freckled cheeks practically beckon you to give her a beautiful facial. As she strokes you through your desperate thrusting, you focus all your energy and intent on that facial cumshot, watching as rope after rope of creamy cum adorns her beautiful, smiling face. Now: See it: See the complete uncut scene in HD quality and much more only at The Art of Blowjob.

Naughty Little Freckled Face Blowjob Naughty Little Freckled Face BlowjobNaughtiness can be kind of cute, and beautiful freckles only further display how beautiful this kind of sweetness can be. Seeing a beautifully freckled redhead giving a sensual blowjob with a naughty edge is enough to drive anyone wild.  Every lick, every kiss and every moment of connection is imbued with a sense of wildness and exploration that makes the blowjob somewhat unexpected. You might not know exactly what’s going to happen next, but you know that it’ll end with a beautiful cumshot. See the complete uncut scene in HD quality and much more only at The Art of Blowjob.

A Sensual Blowjob in Gold

July 21st, 2014

TheArtOfBlowjob 14 07 17 A Sensual Blowjob In Gold TheArtOfBlowjob 14 07 17 A Sensual Blowjob In GoldAll that glitters is not gold, but shimmery accents elevate a blowjob to make it even more opulent. There’s a kind of seduction that takes place, almost like a ritual, beginning as I adorn myself with little things that you like. Today you want a golden goddess… That’s just what you’ll get.  It’s beautiful to make you come this way, right in my mouth, allowing me to swallow every last drop of the result of this incredible pleasure. Enjoy The Full Scene in Glorious HD Quality and More at TheARTofBLOWJOB.

Black Lace, Heels and a Seductive BlowjobBlack Lace, Heels and a Seductive Blowjob TAOB July 2014Black lace is such a beautiful look, and I know that you like it. It helps me to access the seductive side of myself, taking control and taking you for a ride. As I begin to suck you, it’s not hard for you to give in and enjoy where I’m taking you. I’ve always enjoyed being in charge. The feelings building up are so intense. When I finally push through the tease and onto that plateau of pleasure, your cum spurts all over my breasts as I lovingly massage it into my skin, pausing to suck and lick up anything I missed while you writhe around in absolute pleasure. (( Watch this Scene on Delicious, Eye Candy HD Quality in The Art of Blowjob ))

Sophie Delancey : "Roses in my Hair" Sophie Delancey : "Roses in my Hair" With roses in my hair, I lay in bed with you as your cock stirs and hardens for me as I begin to suck, filling my mouth with your warmth and dripping precum onto my tongue. Like a light breeze, it doesn’t take much to bring you over the edge. As your cum spills onto my waiting breasts, this blowjob reaches its peak, but I’m sure to suck and tease you through your denouement, smiling and giggling as you squirm under my hot, wet mouth. More of the Lovely Sophie At TheArtofBlowjob, All Her Clips in FULL HD :)

Redhead With Lustful Desires for a BlowjobRedhead With Lustful Desires for a BlowjobSometimes when you’re giving a blowjob, you get overwhelmed by the eroticism of the experience and you just need to touch yourself. When it comes to this beautiful redhead, a toy provided the perfect addition to a beautiful blowjob. This is the blowjob: elevated. This sweet, seductive redhead is both lost in her own world and inextricably linked to yours as you both come in a passionate frenzy unlike any other. More of Her and The Full Videos in HD Quality at TheArtofBlowjob.

Sophie Delancey Gently sucking the head...See Sophie Debut on The Art of Blowjob and How She Sweetly Swallows That Cum Load ;) Here!

Sophie Delancey Debuts on The Art of Blowjob Sophie Delancey Debuts on The Art of Blowjob“Hi. My name is Sophie. I’ve been doing social media, public relations, marketing, business development, academic papers, directing, editing and even cleaning up cum with The Art of Blowjob for over four years now. All that time, I’ve been building up the courage to post my own video, and here I am. I love to worship cock, taking the time to focus on all the parts, playing with different sensations as you react and show me what works best. My mouth is curious, eager to explore its depths and skills. Just seeing you progress towards your orgasm is enough to make me squeeze my thighs together and feel a little pulsating of my own. I refuse to let even a tiny bit of your cum go to waste. I’ll lick it all up and continue to tease you as you twitch and thrust helplessly…” See Sophie Delancey DEBUT VIDEO on The Art of Blowjob!

Good Night Blowjob

June 10th, 2014

Good Night Blowjob Redhead TAOBGood Night Blowjob - RedHead TAOB
It’s almost bedtime, but this gorgeous redhead has one more thing to do before she goes to sleep… It’s time for a good night blowjob. Just make yourself comfortable while she puts your cock in her mouth, slowly licking and sucking with a sweetness that imbues every action. It’s a beautiful evening ritual. As you find yourself drawing nearer and nearer to your orgasm, you just watch her as her beautiful red curls bounce along with the motions of her head and hands. This beautiful image pushes you over the edge, bursting shot after shot of cum into her warm, wet mouth. She eats it all, every warm semen drop. It’s time to get close and drift off into a peaceful, well-deserved sleep.
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Eve Swallowing Cum in a Polkadot Dress Eve Swallowing Cum in a Polkadot DressEve is a gorgeous redhead who is no stranger to giving a beautiful blowjob. Her kind of cock worship is incredible to watch. She takes him to the hilt when she deep throats him, nuzzling against him to take him even further into her depths. Once he’s finally ready to come, she sucks out every gush and displays the cum on her tongue before swallowing it excitedly. As he gently caresses her, she relishes this sweet moment of submission and satiety. More at TheArtofBlowjob

Natural Redhead Blowjob

May 17th, 2014

Natural Redhead Blowjob The Art of Blowjob TAOB Update May 16 2014Natural Redhead Blowjob The Art of Blowjob TAOB Update May 16 2014This beautiful redhead loves to give blowjobs. Her natural love for the act mirrors her gorgeous and natural red hair. She relishes the opportunity to give pleasure with her mouth, loving to tease a cockhead to full thickness. Her skill with the art of blowjob is a mirror of her passion for the act. It’s that fiery, intense passion that comes with a natural redhead. She stays steady, confident and serene as she almost glides towards the cumshot, licking up every last drop with a hunger that burns slowly and surely inside her. More Beautiful Porn Like This Only at TAOB