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TAOB updates April 2014 - Ariane, Heating Up in the Kitchen TAOB updates April 2014 - Ariane, Heating Up in the Kitchen
If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Or don’t… Ariane’s in there, and she’s up to something! She takes a break from puttering around to give an intensely sensual blowjob. She sucks with such passion and determination, getting closer and closer to the inevitable orgasm. You know it’s just a matter of time and, when the warm cum starts to flow, she takes the cock as deep as it’s ever gone, right to the back of her throat, and she swallows with intense determination… is Ariane, is
The Art of Blowjob.

Ariane Between the Breasts TAOB 2014 UpdatesAriane Between the Breasts TAOB 2014 Updates
There are lots of things I like about Ariane, but I think I might have found my new favourite thing: she has mad titjob skills. It seems like Ariane has found what might be the perfect solution: there’s a moment in this week’s videoupdate where she does perhaps the smartest thing I’ve seen in porn for quite some time… She holds his cock between her breasts and moves them up and down, alternating which one is up and which one is down. The result, is a cascade of cum that indicates exactly how amazing this particular trick must have felt. Her cleavage fills up nicely with every last drop, only further slicking her perfect breasts. The full update in
the Art of Blowjob MainSite.

Ariane BlowJob in White - The Art Of Blowjob New Model Ariane

Ariane BlowJob in White - The Art Of Blowjob New Model Ariane

Ariane is a blowjob artist. With the simple white blouse and panties, she’s able to show off her creamy skin and beautifully pendulous breasts. Her back arches perfectly as she cranes to take the whole hard cock into her mouth. While all of her is a work of art, there is a draw to paint her face with your cum. She is practically pleading for it, her big eyes darting to meet your gaze as she sucks you, intent on bringing you to ecstasy. You feel your orgasm build, travelling from your balls up through your shaft, pulling out just in time to shoot pearly ropes of pleasure onto her smiling face. Like any artist, she continues the collaboration, sucking while you spasm in absolute bliss. She was so THIRSTY FOR CUM! ) more inthe Art of Blowjob MainSite

Ariane BlowJob in White - The Art Of Blowjob New Model Ariane  -  Video Screenshots

2014-03-14-lg 9ndj7po26tv1This is Ariane first scene at TAOB. Ariane is SO pretty, She’s enthusiastic and sensual and passionate all in equal measure. She’s basically giving the platonic ideal of a blowjob. There’s lots of eye contact, she varies her technique in a genuine, non-practiced/coached way and she enjoys cum! You can get a sense of her (and more of my ode to her loveliness!) in the Art of Blowjob MainSite

Emma: Natural Redhead,
It’s another update and we have another new face! Meet Emma! She’s a gorgeous freckly redhead with a passion. In this video, she shows off her beautiful cuffs and a simple but feminine collar and leash over a black lace ensemble and some deep eye makeup. This is all entirely her choice and she is always fully able to communicate her desire, which is accentuated in every aspect of how she chooses to present herself and how she clearly communicates during the process. More

Just Laura. Cum Swallow in High Heels.Laura looks so sexy wearing that gorgeous pair of glasses. It’s not that she looks more severe OR more girl next door, but she does have sort of an extra studied element to her blowjobs when she has them on. And THOSE AMAZING hi heel SHOES! Laura has such an excellent taste in accessories, and speaking of TASTE… she loves the sweet taste of cum on her mouth, oh yeah, this is a wonderful cum swallowing scene full of style! More Laura only at The Art of Blowjob "Just Laura" Cum Swallowing Scene

So Much Cum for Clara!

January 28th, 2014

So Much Cum!
Sometimes it’s amazing how much cum the human body can produce, sometimes something will just jolt you towards a particularly voluminous cumshot. This one caught everyone by surprise, as Clara exclaims towards the end of this video, which just happens to be entitled So Much Cum. So yeah, the ending is a bit comical. He came with such force that she laughed it right back out in a mix of surprise and amusement by his extreme orgasmic moment.

Playful Collaboration. A Double Blowjob.
This blowjob isn’t just a simple double blowjob, it’s about collaboration and interplay between these very different, but equally gorgeous and incredible women. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many happy collaborative blowjobs. Laura was so sneaky and ended up keeping all of his cum, offering only a sticky cum kiss as a consolation prize for Clara! ;) See the  full-length feature.

Laura Loves Cum!

January 15th, 2014

Laura Loves Cum | TheArtofBlowjob Updates January 2014The beautiful Laura in action, licking up a little cum. Why waste a drop?
See More of This Beautiful Lover of Semen Flavor at: “The Art of Blowjob”

The Art of Blowjob Featuring LAURA. New Model. Behind the Scenes at The Art of Blowjob
The first update of the year, and how else we could better express and convey sensuality in the new year, that featuring another new model for the site that will be a regular with CLARA, shes: LAURA. Laura’s a radiant person in general, and that certainly comes across in this scene. I think that, out of all of the blowjob videos we’ve ever done, the last 10 seconds of this film are maybe the most subtle and relatable of all. See it at TheArtofBlowjob ;)

Clara Montmartre first facial for the art of blowjob “I absolutely love receiving a facial because of the total proximity to the stroking and the cum. Sure, I give blowjobs because I see the value in giving pleasure, but I also just really love penises and would like them in and around my face as much as possible.” You’ve got to see this video… It’s emblematic of all the work that we’ve done as a site to destigmatize the facial.

Clara Montmartre the new face of the art of blowjobClara Montmartre the new face of the art of blowjob
New Year, New Faces. Same Quality, Sensuality and Artistic Value. The new face of “The Art of Blowjob” is here: Clara Montmartre. She will be offering us her best oral, fellatio, facials and cum swallowing skills. You can be the judge of her work!

The Art of Blowjob Camille Crimson GIFThe nap is finished, it is time to wake up gently.
More Beautiful Women Directed Blowjobs and Cum Swallowing at:  The Art of Blowjob

Born for This.

December 20th, 2013