Piper Blush in “Squeezed Between Her Lips”

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TAOBJ-2016-04-29 - Piper Blush - Squeezed Between Her Lips.wmv TAOBJ-2016-04-29_-_Piper_Blush_-_Squeezed_Between_Her_Lips-27 TAOBJ-2016-04-29_-_Piper_Blush_-_Squeezed_Between_Her_Lips-29 TAOBJ-2016-04-29_-_Piper_Blush_-_Squeezed_Between_Her_Lips-30
Piper Blush feels quite contemplative, she stares out the window. Her fingers slide up and down the curtains. She looks far away as if she’s waiting for something or someone. Her white lingerie almost sparkles in the sun. She finally sees you, her eyes fill with excitement. She lays next to you, making sure you can see the line that starts in the middle of her breasts and falls down to her belly button. She stays afar, taking peeks at your cock without exchanging a glance. She teases you with her fingers. Slowly she gets on her hands and knees. Her hair falls down on her face, Piper caresses your thighs while she crawls towards your croach. She stares at you intensely.

TAOBJ-2016-04-29 - Piper Blush - Squeezed Between Her Lips.wmv TAOBJ-2016-04-29 - Piper Blush - Squeezed Between Her Lips.wmv Piper Blush TAOBJ-2016-04-29_-_Piper_Blush_-_Squeezed_Between_Her_Lips-34The first wet kiss lands right on your shaft, she feels your throb and squeezes you between her lips. Her mouth waters, the saliva drips all over your shaft. She feels so close. Her throat swallows you, her sweet moans makes her clench on your length, letting out the first burst of warm semen on her tongue. She opens up to smile and the white nectar drips all over.

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