Piper Blush in: “Deep Eye Contact”

on in Piper Blush, The Art of Blowjob

Piper’s mouth smoothly opens, she guides your soft cock to her wet lips. Her blue eyes stick out because of her turquoise shirt. Nothing can take your focus off of her gorgeous face. Her eyes tell you how hungry she is for your cock.

She feels you grow inside of her, she loves it. To feel you even more she hold you tightly in her hand and waits for you to be fully erect.
Piper takes her time sucking, licking and kissing your shaft never loosing eye contact with you.

She sees a drop of precum on your tip, it only encourages her to continue teasing you. With her hand she pushes the precum out of your tip. She doesn’t even need to look at your cock, she knows it so well, her tongue lick off the precum from your tip.
Her deep blue eyes are smiling.

You can detect a hint of savageness in her moans. The eye contact is intense, it makes you so hard. She becomes more and more enthousiasme. Saliva is pouring all over your shaft and balls, she uses it to massage you. Between her lips you start ejaculating right on her tongue, she looks into your eyes one last time before she admires the thickness of your semen of her hand.

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