Piper Blush in: “A Fall Fellatio”

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Piper wants to share her love for the four seasons of Quebec with you. As fall started to settle in, the color of the leaves are changing. She wants you to experience autumn.
Piper takes you away for a long walk. The forest crackles as you step on dead leaves and wood sticks. You can feel the cold autonum air enter your lungs. She looks around, grabbing branches as she walks further into the trail.

TAOBJ-2016-10-12-Piper-Blush-A-Fall-Fellatio TAOBJ-2016-10-12 - Piper Blush - A Fall Fellatio-27 TAOBJ-2016-10-12-Piper-Blush-A-Fall-Fellatio
You stop, no-one seems to have followed you so deep into the woods. Piper pushes you against a tree, her eyes full of intent. She kneels in front of you, you can feel her cold nose on the skin of your lower stomach. She buries her face on you, taking every inch while looking around not to get caught. You manage to give her just what she wants..

TAOBJ-2016-10-12 - Piper Blush - A Fall Fellatio-29 TAOBJ-2016-10-12 - Piper Blush - A Fall Fellatio-30 TAOBJ-2016-10-12 - Piper Blush - A Fall Fellatio-31 TAOBJ-2016-10-12-Piper-Blush-A-Fall-Fellatio

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