Piper Blush Perfect Date Night

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Piper spends the night letting you treat her to a delicious meal and outrageously expensive wine. She knows what your expectations for the end of the evening are, and that is the reason she lets you pay for everything. She desires to owe you. This gorgeous young woman wants to repay you in her way- with her mouth.
As you arrive at her place, she suggests a movie. After she is done talking, you drop a kiss on her lips. It throws her completely off guard. She feels her panties absorbing that warm wetness. She no other choice but to undress you and her and she starts thanking you.

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Her beautiful blue eyes show you, from behind her glasses, how much she loves to satisfy. She loses eye contact with you to take your length deep in her throat. As she as swallowed all of you, her left-hand cups up your balls. She rubs your sack all over her cheek getting all of you on and in her. She makes you cum all over her; in her hair, on her cheek, in her hungry mouth. She loves how you taste. She can’t stop licking the mess she has made.


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