Piper in: “Intense Intercourse Interlude”

on in Piper Blush

Piper is bathed in beautiful light while she gives a phenomenal blowjob-2 2015-04-17-lg taob.15.04.17.intense.intercourse.interloude-1 taob.15.04.17.intense.intercourse.interloude-2She’s in control of the experience, really giving the blowjob… It’s like a gift, especially when it comes from someone as skilled as she is. Just as quickly as she decided to ride you, she hops off and licks your cock to taste her wetness. This reality leaps into your mind as you try to imagine what she must be thinking. It’s so sexy to see the way she sucks you with even more enthusiasm, maybe from the sex, maybe from the eroticism of that mix of her arousal on your skin. It’s enough to make you come, so you do, spurt after spurt for her to lap up, mixing in with her wetness to create something new and sensual…

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