Why Camille Crimson Changed Her Name? Why Shes not With TAOB Anymore? Heres the Answers.

Chloe started her erotic journey in 2005 while she was living in La Reunion with a site called Dolorem. The site featured pictures of Chloe in the nude, having different kinds of sex and in beautiful lingerie. Then, in October 2007, she launched The Art of Blowjob: the site that made Chloe known throughout the adult industry as the queen of blowjobs and has won numerous awards, spawned a successful DVD and Chloe was featured in Hustler magazine.


In October of 2013, She had an off-road motorcycle accident. While She was in the hospital, She had time to reflect on her life and decided to make some changes. The relationship with her boyfriend of the time (and partner in TAOB) ended. In a short period of time, things changed, as usual in life.


And so, TAOB changed to feature different models, most of them in their first time in front of the camera, and all without losing the stylish, couples friendly, quality adult erotica brand that distinguished the site from the start.


After some months recovering from the accident, Chloe (aka Camille) returned with a new name, a new site, a new partner but the same beauty, passion and love for oral sex, blowjobs and beautiful porn.

And thats the story!

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